What is my responsibility?

August 1, 2009

Funny I should ask, since this very question was popping left and right all around me lately. It all begun with an email that was forwarded to me, an email that contained “Little gems from the Health Care Bill”. Those gems were all the parts of the bill that would allow government to force people to do things, dictate what things they can do and how, control their health, control their business and investments, control their marriage, control their life! As I read the tension grew, with every sentence the fear was stronger. Fear of being manipulated, forced, restrained, trapped. As I continued reading the email I remembered a question that Brooks asks occasionally: “So whose body is it anyway? Whose responsibility is it?” It occurred to me, as I considered the email and the place from which I felt it was written, that there is fear where there is no responsibility. There is fear where there is no independence. Because whose responsibility is it that I am healthy? That my body is open and balanced? And whose responsibility is it to bring it back into balance when it collapses and becomes ill? If I make it the doctor’s responsibility, if I make it the pharmaceutic industry’s responsibility, then there is place for fear. If they are responsible for my health then my body is in their hands. If my body is in their hands then they can manipulate me, control me, restrain me, trap me. But what if I don’t? What if I realize that it is my body, that it’s not a doctor’s job to heal me but mine, it is not medicine’s job to heal me, but mine. Because it is my body, my life. I get to say whether I am ill or not, healthy or not. Who else could possibly make that decision for me? There is no fear here, there is no room for control or manipulation in this place, there is no possibility of control or manipulation because I am here and I am responsible. Because I am here and I am responsible I am free to be however I wish to be. There is nothing here that could stop me, because I am here. So what is my responsibility? Everything. Because it is me, because it is my body, because it is my life. I am creating it, I am designing it. I am free to do that, absolutely free to grow and open, with no limitations, because I am responsible.

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