Create What Is

November 1, 2012

It is … how do I put this … you make a little twist, take a step forward and a little sideways … a tiny step that shifts one reality into another. A tiny, twisting little movement that changes the world. Your world. You.

It happens in this place where there is nothing. IT is a place known fairly well, quite easy to get to. The place where mind melts away, the ego, persona, the story about Pausha. All that is gone and there is only space. Endless, boundless space.

Nothing, it is called.

Nothing it seems at the first sight though, once you visit more often, you might begin to notice distinctions, sensations, experiences. You might begin to notice energies and presences. It isn’t nothing anymore, it lightens and fills with life, a bubbling potential life, an unlimited life. And then in this light, in this life, you can take a step. A little twist, a step forward and a little sideways and suddenly you see that IT, the light, the life, is you.

This is what you are. This life, this light, this unlimited opportunity, this essence of creation.

This is what you are.

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