You Already Are

November 8, 2012

“It is all here” I thought as I looked into his face. Focused, intent, serious. “How amazing that it s all here, he is all here. Right now”.

“He is on a journey” I thought, “on a quest for himself, on the path to himself. He will traverse the world, he will circle the globe. He will meet with dangers, with pleasures, with people. He will feel love and anger, he will face judgement and violence, he will know passion and fear, courage and bliss, and in all that he sees, in everything he meets, in everything he encounters he will know a piece of himself.

A little piece, an aspect, a side of him will reflect in every day, in every step, in every face.

He will travel, he will move, he will experience and he will relate, and then a time will come for the pieces to blend together, fit together, melt together, and he will see himself.

He will see his own face.

And he will know, in that moment, that he always wore it. That it was always here, all this time.

Right here.

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