wisdom from a bathtub

August 25, 2007

The thought just hit me. It does seem very obvious and trivial, yet it FEELS like something important, impactful and insightful. To me, at least. The thought was: the more we realize who we really are, the more we recognize who others really are. The more we identify with being God, rather than pretending that we are a little flea/mind, the more we see other people as God, not their mind. We naturally relate to them as God, without focusing on their mind/persona/characteristics. What does it mean? No more: “he’s no right for me”, “I have nothing in common with her”, “he’s doing this thing I don’t like”, “She’s such a bitch”, “He can’t keep up with me”, and so on… All those statements come from mind, they stem from a mind-to-mind relationship, not God-to-God. Gods have no use for judgement, there is no discrimination in God. Another thing that goes away when we realize who we are is the idea that we are “better”, “wiser”, “more conscious”. If we don’t recognize that other’s are God just as much as we are, we don’t really realize our own nature. We are still caught up in identification with a mind. Good warning sign when you are meeting a new teacher, I think.

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