You Are Your Purpose

May 11, 2013

He asked: “Why would you do that?!” Oh, did it hurt. There was no make-wrong in his question, no accusation, no attack. Only puzzlement. “Why would you try to change others? Why would you want to force others to grow? Don’t you know that everyone is where they are, working with what they have, however they can? I thought you would know that”.

She asked: “How can we make others understand?! How can we make them see? If we could just do something, catapult them away from Earth and up up up to the moon so that they could see the world as it is and then something in them would click!”

I listened to her and I remembered his question: why would you do that? Why would you want to force others to grow?

And I felt ashamed of myself for having tried, for having tried to make others see, for it was not out of compassion that I’ve done that. It was not to serve others and it was not to help them. It was to make them. It was to change them. It was forced. It was an attack. I was an attacker.

And so when she asked “how can we make people see, how can we make them understand, how can we make them change?” I said:

“You know, I found the easiest and by far the fastest way to change people, to change the world: when I see, when I understand, when something in me clicks, then the world becomes a wonderland and people are lovely and delightful”.

That is all I need to do to shift the world and change everyone — see, understand, realize — myself.

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