Life Is Beautiful And Good

May 7, 2013

No! No, there will never be a discussion on this subject! No, I will not talk about this!

Why? Because it is like putting my hands in a mud and twisting my fingers, splashing, spraying slime and decay all over my face.

I will not talk about what “they are doing”. I will not talk about how they cheat, how they lie, how they control, how they destroy, how they kill. I will not talk about conspiracies, secret societies, evil that lies behind every fact ready to pounce.

I will not talk about this.

I will not speculate on “what really happened,” on who and what and why.

Why? Because of the fear, because of the anger, because of the terror that screams from behind every word. I will not  listen to those words.

Why? Because I can see, if he does not, the meaning of his speech. He believes that his story of lies and deceits and conspiracies describes reality – I know that his story creates it. Every suspicion, every doubt, every accusation and every attack creates a world full of danger, full of anger, full of fear.

Yes, he says that this is what the world is like and he only describes it. He only defends himself from it. He only gives you tools to defend yourself.

He says that, and he believes it, but I listen and I hear not a description — but a creation.

I do not want to live in that world.

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