The World has already changed

November 20, 2010

The reality has shifted. I discovered it yesterday. There is a story I was working on since last year, since the day I wandered over the mountain trails at twilight and a story came to me, whole and complete. It was a story about the end of the world. There was something in the story, something that grabbed me. It was a variation on the apocalypse theme, with Earth shifting and changing rapidly to regain it’s balance, and human world being destroyed in the process. Cities were burned, leveled, flooded by tsunamis, wild fires, volcano eruptions, earthquakes. It was an epic story about reality changing. The story would come and go, I would work on it diligently and then abandon it for weeks at the time. Yesterday, after months of neglect, I begun to consider getting back to my manuscript only to realize that the story is done. It’s obsolete. It’s been outgrown. The feeling came, very clearly and distinctly, that the story of a disaster is an old one, that the story of shifting realities has already been told, that it’s time to move on. And today, while feeling into it once more, just to be sure, the message remained loud and clear: there is no need for a story about reality shifting, because the reality has shifted already. And maybe it is me who shifted, maybe it is my perspective, my way of relating to the world that has changed, but then … maybe not. Maybe the world has changed already, and all we have to do now is catch up.

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